17, México, molestoso profesional y Batman de medio tiempo.


A little drawing of Mechthild, one of the female side characters of Mawil’s great new comic book “Kinderland”. It’s about a boy, a ping pong contest and the last days of  East Germany in 1989. 

Sorry for not posting much more these days, still busy working on the comic book…all I have time for are quick studies in the mornings.


Thinking about making this dress…


I hoped to have this up yesterday, but I’m trying to do a few mythical creatures during the month of October. First up, a little hippogriff made of ink, paint, collage, and scratchboard along with some other stuff…


Just spotted this illustration is out in the wild! Before I adventured off to Iceland, I got a nice little project from SooJin Buzelli to illustrate a piece for CIO for their feature on knowledge brokers. Lots of fun excuses to draw glowing pomegranates and get a little experimental with the marks.

Had a lot of fun with this one!


baby got lost playing with brushes in the photoshop hole


Autopsy pt.2 Original: http://ift.tt/1vDzUEH

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- Commission that expanded upon the tattoo on Finn’s arm in “What Time Is It?”

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